Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mid 2010 Macbook Pro. Display and Keyboard.

Display and keyboard of Mid 2010 Macbook pro for sale on eBay.  Sale ending 12 Oct 2017, approximately 14:30. Picture posted here, because I forgot to post it on eBay and I could not work out how to edit the photos on the eBay site.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Large Diana jug, yellow with white spots.

Good condition.  No chips, flaw in glaze visible on rim.  Bright shiny exterior glaze.  Some grime inside and on upper part of jug.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bendigo Pottery Dogs

A pair of Bendigo Pottery dogs.  These have a manufacturing fault.  They have been imperfectly glazed, there are gaps visible in the glaze of both dogs, it is worse on the left dog.  Apart from the manufacturing fault they are in excellent condition, clean, no chips, cracks, crazing or other damage. 

Friday, May 2, 2014


These speakers were purchased new in 1982, they have been used lightly since then and used very rarely lately.  They are genuine one owner items that have been well cared for.  They have had no repairs, no upgrades, no cone re-foaming, no driver replacement, no crossover adjustments. They come with the original boxes, packaging and manual.  Technical information from IMF is below. 
They are hand made English speakers of exceptional quality, well engineered and built to very high standards.  They are a mirror image pair, with four drivers in each enclosure. The enclosures are heavy, solid and inert. They are well constructed and veneered with real timber, a dark honey coloured oak.  There are some small scuffs, minor chips and scratches but considering their age they are in very good condition. The cloth is intact, some minor staining on one.  
They are working well considering their age.  I have no idea whether they are working to specification but they play music well, better than the other speakers I own. They have a solid, controlled sound, strong in the midrange.  They handle vocals and acoustic music very well.  If your music tastes include a lot of chunky assertive bass then these speakers may not be for you, or you may need to use a subwoofer or auxiliary bass speaker. They are not particularly efficient and do need some power to drive them.  I am using an amplifier that produced a continuous 60 watts per channel. This seems adequate, they can safely be driven by more powerful amplifiers.  
The midrange driver foam is starting to degenerate and probably should be renewed at some time in the future. I am not aware of any other mechanical issues, I have never opened them up and can’t comment on the condition of the crossover components.

The following technical information is sourced from the IMF website. 
22 1/2" x 13" x 11 1/2" wide; 57 cm x 28 cm x 30 cm
Drive Units
6 1/2" 16.5 cm ribbed bextrene bass unit
6 1/2" 16.5 cm bextrene sub-bass unit
4" 10cm rolled surround impregnated cone mid-range with domed tweeter
Electrical four way at 250 Hz, 450 Hz and 3.5 kHz
Frequency Range
29 Hz 20 kHz
Matching Impedence
4 - 8 ohms
Efficiency Measured via Pink Noise at 1 metre on axis for 40 watts
Driving Power Requirements
25 - 50 watts
Nett Weight (each)
16 kgs
Gross Weight Packed (pair)
38 kgs

IMF International, Westbourne Street, High Wycombe, Bucks. Telephone High Wycombe 35576

Wednesday, March 26, 2014



This is a phono  pre-amplifier to use with stereo amplifiers that do not have a phono input or may have a poor quality inbuilt phono stage pre-amp. The rear has inputs to connect to your turntable and outputs to your amplifier.
I bought this unit new when I upgraded a stereo amplifier, it has had very little use, turned on approximately 20 times.  It works well and has no faults that I am aware of.  It is a simply presented, well constructed device that does a very good job.  It is in excellent condition and has no damage, no scratches or chips to the paint. 
Included is the external 24 volt power supply and an audio lead.  I do not have the original box, there is no manual, but I have included sections of the original box which I kept as it had information printed on it. The device measures 135 mm x 90 mm x 50 mm.
Some information copied from the NAD website.
• Selectable MM and MC Phono Stage
• External 24 volt Power Supply
• Gold Plated Sockets
• Close Tolerance High Quality Components
• LED Power Indicator

Many of today's stereo and AV amplifiers and receivers have either eliminated the phonograph input altogether, or included a low cost - and low performance - circuit for attaching your turntable. The PP 2 offers superb performance in a neat and simple package for a very reasonable cost The PP2 has a high gain Moving Coil Cartridge input allowing proper matching to virtually any high quality turntable/cartridge combination. It also includes a grounding terminal post, and gold plated input and output sockets.

It uses costly metal film resistors and film type capacitors in the signal path.  It uses a 24 volts power supply which has improved overload margins and enhanced musical dynamics.

Full specifications are available from NAD on their factsheet, find it here:

This item has been sold. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rega Planar 2 Turntable


The Rega Planar 2 is a belt drive turntable, it is teak framed with a slate base mounted on 3 substantial rubber feet.  The platter is a heavy plate glass fitted with a good quality rubber mat.  This is a completely manual turntable, the only control is a power switch.  The turntable is generally set to play 33.3 rpm records, it can play 45 rpm records but only by manually shifting the belt. The turntable is in very good condition, clean and well maintained.  It has recently had the drive belt and motor suspension belt replaced.
This turntable is fitted with a Grace 707 tone arm which has a lever to raise and lower it. The arm is fitted with the original Grace cartridge, the stylus is a Goldring equivalent of the Grace stylus. The stylus tip is in good condition but its cantilever has suffered some lateral distortion.  The turntable comes with a grey Perspex dust cover that has been badly damaged on the right front corner. 
The Rega Planar 2 has a reputation as a very good turntable and is a very cool piece of classic English stereo equipment.  This is a genuine one owner item, it has been well maintained and used generally used very carefully.  It works well and still sounds very good even given the age of the cartridge and stress experienced by the stylus.  An aficionado with a more critical ear than me may consider upgrading the cartridge and stylus.
Included is the original “hints and tips” sheet shipped with the turntable.  There is no packaging or box included.

This item has been sold.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Black Olympus OM2 Spot/Program 35mm camera body

Black Olympus OM2 Spot/Program 35mm camera body.
This camera body is is very good clean condition inside and out.  It has no scratches, dents or exterior damage, the paint is intact, all controls and switches work.  Inside; the body is clean, very little sign of wear, seals appear to be intact.  I have not used this body for at least a year. the last time I used it it appeared to work well.